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8 March
California, United States
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absurdism, aesthetics, anatomy, arcade fire, architecture, art, bare feet, baroque, bbc, beat generation, beatrix potter, benjamin britten, birds, black coffee, blue, bob dylan, bonfires, books, britain, buskers, cats, chemistry, chiffon, classical, claude debussy, clouds, cobblestone, colours, cotton, crochet scarves, crushes, dance tracks, dancing awkwardly, daphne du maurier, darkness, dawn, doctor who, dreams, europe, eyes, fashion, feminine, feminism, films, fleet foxes, flute, folklore, food, forests, france, french revolution, george frideric handel, george harrison, graphics, gregory peck, grizzly bear, harry potter, history, hogwarts, ian mcewan, ice cream, illustrations, impressionism, india, italy, ivy, j.s. bach, jane austen, john keats, kurt vonnegut, lace, languages, late 1950s to mid-1960s, leakeys, letters, linguistics, literature, london, long grass, ludwig van beethoven, macarons, magic, maps, mathematics, minor keys, models, modernism, music, music festivals, muslin, new york, nylon, october to december, old pianos, oscar wilde, over analyzing absolutely everything, paris, pastels, pencils, peter rabbit, phoenix, photography, physics, piano, poetry, radiohead, rain, reminiscing, renaissance, romantics, russet, russia, sienna, silk, snow, subways, sun, sunsets, sweets, tea, television, the classics, the moon, theatre, thrifting, used book stores, versailles, violin, wandering around cities, william shakespeare, william wordsworth, wit, woodlands