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Dearest Yulegoat

It's that time of year once again! And I am very happy to see some fanfiction for Christmas! I suppose I should start listing my demands requests....
I am quite partial to the Alexander Hamilton/Beatrice Whaley ship, but you can write about others as well. A crossover I would to see is The Dreamer/ Felicity (from American Girl). I fell rather nerdy for wanting it, but whatever! I would also like fic centered around Nathan Hale, particularly a back-story story. In regards to Hamilton, I would also like a back-story before he came to America, and/or how he met Beatrice. A cute story about the Knowltons would be nice too. :) 
  • A Northern Light Jennifer Donnelly
I'd really love to have a story about character's lives after the events of the story, particularly Mattie's transition from upstate New York to New York City. Some back-story on her family would be pretty awesome too. 
  • The Monstrumologist series - Rick Yancey
I love these books. I'd love to see how Lilly became a monstrumologist apprentice, and also some stories of Will and Lilly plain kicking ass. Some Pellinore would be good too. 

So, thank you, Yulegoat, whoever you may be. I anxiously await your goodies!

ETA: I made a thread in a pimping post full of info - http://yuletide.livejournal.com/995836.html?thread=11997948#t11997948
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